Sunday, December 21, 2008

Startups - some hope

Another follow up from my recent posts on startups here and here, I decided to open my Dec '08 issue of Wired magazine which had been lying around on my desk for a while. Saw an interesting article by Daniel Roth -- "Back to the Garage - when the economy is in turmoil, the time is ripe for ambitious innovation".

He certainly makes a compelling argument. Here's some food for thought. Some of the major tech companies and when they were founded. Not exactly in major boom times.

Google - 1998
Yahoo - 1994
Siebel Systems - 1993
Cisco - 1984
EMC - 1979
Oracle - 1977
Microsoft - 1975
SAP - 1972

Sequoia on startups and the economic downturn. Interesting view from the investor perspective.