Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is Twitter conceptually just like TV?

Here's an interesting thought. Is Twitter the online equivalent (conceptually) of TV? There are a lot of similarities. Broadcast TV is based on a "flow" model i.e. you tune in and get to see what's on now. This is like Twitter (and other "flow" based information sources) - you tune in and get to see the Tweets flowing past right now.

If we continue this analogy then are we likely to see (over time) similar consumer behaviour to what happened in TV-land? Consumers will be more interested seeing the content they want to see when they want to see it, rather than having to be tuned in all the time. We'll probably see the equivalent of Cable news, where everything gets repeated every 15 minutes. And lots of other developments which occurred in TV-land.

Hold on. Isn't that not just like blogs and other archived-like content? Or basically just the normal Internet with its vast array of web pages on every subject known to man?

If my Twitter / TV analogy plays out, then consumers will get fed up with the real-time broadcast flow nature of this service and return to other "information when you want it" modes of operation. Or will they?

Interesting thought. What do you think?

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