Monday, April 27, 2009

Follow up to McKinsey FUD on Cloud Computing

For anybody playing catch-up, McKinsey wrote a paper debunking a lot of stuff related to Cloud Computing for Enterprise usage. You can read the background here on my previous post. This paper obviously drew a lot of comments from all corners of the globe with the usual pro's and con's on display. CloudAve posted some follow-up thoughts here which outline some interesting perspectives on the debate.

...Many people have written extensively debunking McKinsey’s claims and the report also had support for its claim from pundits who make a career talking about traditional software world. Of all the analysis, [CloudAve] was impressed by the model put forward by Joe Weinman. He correctly pointed out to the role of Cloud Computing in the enterprise IT, at least, in the near future...

...This will be the normal evolution of enterprise IT and any expectations to accelerate the process is unreasonable. At the same time, if the critics of Cloud Computing use this (slow) normal evolution process as an evidence to debunk Cloud Computing, it just shows their ignorance. Enterprises will slowly move towards Cloud Computing and while the transition happens, Joe’s rental car model is the correct model to explain what is happening. I hope analysts take some time to understand this before they come up with another report talking about the irrelevance of Cloud Computing.


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