Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is your business the right size?

Another brilliant article from Seth Godin. This time about whether your business is the right size or not. From Seth:

Many businesses that are in trouble are in trouble for a simple reason: they're the wrong size.

A newspaper that only had a few dozen employees would be doing great today. But they have hundreds or thousands of employees because that was an appropriate scale twenty years ago. When I started my first web company fifteen years ago, the idea that you could be successful with six or ten employees was crazy, but today many of the most successful companies have not many more than that. That's 15,000 fewer employees than eBay has.

This is so true. Read the rest of the article.

My own business ZeroTouch IT Ltd is built on this principle of RightSizeNess (an interesting new word!). We're competing successfully with companies much larger than us and winning because we're the right size and they aren't.