Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Good Enough Revolution

Are you responsible for bringing products or services to market? If so, you really need to read this Wired Magazine article on The Good Enough Revolution.

Entire markets have been transformed by products that trade power or fidelity for low price, flexibility, and convenience. — Erin Biba

There is a change going on with everything from music players (MP3), to computers (Netbooks), to software ( and probably every other market out there. Wired sums it up nicely:

So what happened? Well, in short, technology happened. The world has sped up, become more connected and a whole lot busier. As a result, what consumers want from the products and services they buy is fundamentally changing. We now favor flexibility over high fidelity, convenience over features, quick and dirty over slow and polished. Having it here and now is more important than having it perfect. These changes run so deep and wide, they're actually altering what we mean when we describe a product as "high-quality."

Take some time and read the Wired article.

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