Monday, October 20, 2008

Twitter economics and the .com era

Yesterday I brought up the question about Twitter and its value to the world in general. I've been trading e-mails with some people who don't necessarily agree with my point of view. You can catch one conversation snippet here with Stowe Boyd. You know, I'm just not convinced about all of this and the more I read the less convinced I get. Granted, I haven't ever used Twitter for anything so maybe I won't get it until I do. However, I can't find a good reason to actually start using it. Catch 22.

Today I see another series of conversations about how will Twitter make money. See here. I guess I'm just a skeptic about Twitter. Interestingly, I find this position really intriguing because I love to embrace technology but I find myself looking at some of the new trends and thinking "why on earth would anyone use that?". Mostly this happens when I come across services or products which look or sound a lot like some of the crazy .com trends of the past with their similarly crazy economic models. Seriously, did anyone really want to buy a couch online without actually testing it out? My gut told me then that some of these things were not sustainable ( I was right a lot) and I'm finding my gut telling me the same thing about some things today. Right now, this mostly centers around Twitter.

I used to be an investor and I like elevator pitches. So far, nobody has been able to give me an elevator pitch on Twitter which would make me want to use it. I'll keep looking for that pitch ...