Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Banks in 2009: Virtualisation okay; Cloud Computing will have to wait

According to a new survey by Platform Computing, IT managers at financial institutions will look to virtualisation and high performance computing (HPC) to drive their business in 2009. 51% of respondents did not think that 2009 would be the year in which cloud computing took off in the financial industry. Quoting from the press release:

Over half (54%) of those quizzed felt that virtualisation will be the ‘watch-word’ for banks in 2009 as it is considered the infrastructure priority by the majority of banks. HPC was second on the list with (17%) followed closely by cloud computing (14%) and SOA (12%).
To read the full press release click here.

I have to say these results surprise me. For one, I consider virtualisation a key component of Cloud Computing. To me this brings home the point that there is still a lot of confusion as to what exactly Cloud Computing is. It also strikes me as interesting that not more respondents to the survey would consider Cloud Computing because of its potential cost saving benefits - whether leveraged in your own data centre or by utilising Cloud infrastructure managed by somebody else. Of course, a skeptic might not be surprised that HPC is #2 in the list considering the survey was done by a company selling HPC solutions!