Thursday, January 15, 2009

SaaS Marketplaces

If you are interested in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry or in particular in creating a "marketplace" you should check out (full disclosure: I'm doing some work for a sister company of SaaSPlex who created the workclouds site).

To quote from their press release:

SaaSPlex have launched WorkClouds, the world’s first true SaaS Marketplace. WorkClouds is designed to enable small and medium sized companies to create a ‘cloud’ of SaaS applications to run their business. WorkClouds are created through a simple Pick, Click, Run principle where you simply pick the applications you want to use, enter the number of users for each application, login to your dedicated web desktop and you are up and running.
As more and more companies adopt SaaS, these types of offerings will become more prevalent and not just from startups but from the traditional service providers like telecom, mobile, or cable firms. Google, Salesforce, Microsoft and several other large tech firms are well on the way to providing their own suites through the SaaS model.

In a previous post I posed the question, "why not use the Cloud?". The economics and flexibility are just too compelling not to and services like just makes the adoption easier.

The subtitle to this blog sums up what Cloud Computing is all about from my perspective.
The Cloud = lower costs + more flexibility + more automation + better service