Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Open Cloud Manifesto

A worthy effort is underway to attempt to make the platforms that power the Cloud more open. It's called The Open Cloud Manifesto.

The following is stated in the conclusion to the manifesto:

This manifesto is meant to begin the conversation, not define it. Many details (taxonomies, definitions and scenarios, for example) will be filled in as the cloudcomputing community comes together.

We have outlined the challenges facing organizations that want to take advantage of the cloud. These issues lead to a call to action for the IT industry around a vision of an open cloud. We as industry participants must work together to ensure thatthe cloud remains as open as all other IT technologies. Some might argue that it is too early to discuss topics such as standards, interoperability, integration and portability. Although this is a time of great innovation for the cloud computing community, that innovation should be guided by the principles of openness outlined in this document. We argue that it is exactly the right time to begin the work to build the open cloud.

Of course with all efforts like this, there's always vested interests and differences of opinion. Here's a review of the Open Cloud manifesto fight to date. Most notable are the companies NOT involved.

Initiatives like the Open Cloud Manifesto should be applauded and supported, not hijacked by vested interests or the reason to create a competitive "standard". We've all seen over the years how big a distraction that can be to everybody.

ZeroTouch IT Ltd