Sunday, March 29, 2009

SaaS Maturity Model

Following on from my recent posts on SaaS Metrics, it is useful to take a look at the maturity of SaaS solutions on six levels (as defined by Forrester Research).

  • Level 0: Outsourcing is not SaaS
  • Level 1: Manual ASP business models target midsize companies
  • Level 2: Industrial ASPs cut the operating costs of packaged applications to a minimum
  • Level 3: Single-app SaaS is an alternative to traditional packaged applications
  • Level 4: Business-domain SaaS provides all the applications for an entire business domain
  • Level 5: Dynamic Business Apps-as-a-service is the visionary target

For more detailed information on each level take a look at this article from Microsoft.

Any company delivering SaaS services should know which level on the maturity model they are. This is also a useful tool for consultants advising SaaS companies or traditional software companies thinking about making a move into the SaaS field.

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